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The Body Corporate Collective is licensed by the Business Licensing Authority, registered number 855.
The Body Corporate Collective is a member of SCA (Strata Community Australia)
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Body Corporate Coburg

At Body Corporate Collective, we’re not just managing Owners Corporation, we’re redefining it. In Coburg, we’re not satisfied with the status quo; we’re driven by innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence in service. Our philosophy is simple: your satisfaction comes first. That’s why we’ve tossed aside outdated approaches and embraced a client-centric mindset.

When you partner with us for your Strata Management needs, you’re not just getting a company—you’re gaining a direct line to Austin, our visionary founder, and a team of dedicated experts. We’re not here to simply meet your expectations; we’re here to exceed them.

Trust us to handle your Coburg property with care and precision. Expect more than just management; expect a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a commitment to your success. Welcome to a new era in Owners Corporation management with Body Corporate Collective.

What is Strata Management?

Strata management, also referred to as body corporate management, is the cornerstone of harmony and functionality in multi-unit residential complexes. Beyond basic maintenance, it’s about nurturing the shared spaces and amenities that define communal living.

At its core, strata management is about fostering seamless communication between property owners and residents. It’s about more than just keeping the lights on; it’s about resolving conflicts, managing finances, and orchestrating a symphony of shared living. Strata managers are the unsung heroes, meticulously balancing the needs of individuals with the collective well-being of the community.

In essence, they’re the architects of harmony, ensuring that every aspect of communal life—from the state of the gardens to the allocation of funds—is meticulously cared for. So, whether it’s ensuring the pool is pristine or mediating neighborly disputes, strata management is the silent force that keeps multi-unit residential complexes thriving.

Why would you need a Strata Manager like The Body Corporate Collective?

Selecting a body corporate partner like The Body Corporate Collective is paramount for ensuring the smooth operation of multi-unit residential complexes. With our seasoned expertise, we relieve property owners of the administrative hassle, adeptly managing everything from maintenance to financial intricacies with meticulous attention.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to innovation. We infuse every facet of strata management with new perspectives, fostering optimal functionality and efficiency within communal living environments. With us at the helm, expect a seamless experience where innovation meets excellence, ensuring your property thrives under our care.

How the Body Corporate Collective team can manage your Cremorne property

  • Harnessing a cloud-based task management system for efficient request tracking and timely action.
  • Arranging expert insurance valuations to ensure adequate asset coverage
  • Providing a hassle-free experience by waiving fees for obtaining quotes for maintenance or repair work
  • Coordinating and overseeing maintenance services, including cleaning, gardening, plumbing, electrical work, and general repairs
  • Securing competitive quotes and renewal recommendations for annual Owners Corporation insurance policies
  • Developing comprehensive annual budgets
  • Engaging reliable service providers for cleaning, gardening, plumbing, electrical work, and general maintenance tasks
  • Continuing the use of industry-specific, Strata-focused software for comprehensive record-keeping and document management
  • Utilizing the expertise of our seasoned professionals to navigate and expedite Owners Corporation insurance claims, ensuring a seamless and efficient claims management process
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date Owners Corporation Registers
  • Offering dedicated assistance in debt recovery, implementing a structured 3-step communication system with debtors, including Reminder Notices, Final Notices, and initiating the Debt Collection process
  • Providing clear and user-friendly levy notices with convenient payment options
  • Ensuring a comprehensive and transparent consultation process with the committee or owners when selecting contractors
  • Carefully crafting annual budgets to ensure prudent financial management and planning
  • Utilizing industry-specific, Strata-focused software for streamlined record-keeping and document management, ensuring easy access to organized information

And much more… Our extensive range of services guarantees comprehensive support and tailor-made solutions to meet your unique strata management needs.

Are you confident in your Strata Manager?

Are you certain that your Body Corporate is effectively carrying out its obligations? If uncertainties persist or you perceive areas for enhancement, it’s time to take proactive steps. Connect with us, and allow us to reveal how we can bring about a constructive transformation for your Melbourne property.

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