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The Body Corporate Collective is licensed by the Business Licensing Authority, registered number 855.
The Body Corporate Collective is a member of SCA (Strata Community Australia)
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Body Corporate for Melbourne Properties

The Body Corporate Collective aims to think differently about the way Owners Corporations operate and to provide a consistently high level of service to all our clients. Founded on the core values of being consistent, encouraging communication, being confident and being committed to our clients.

We treat your community as if it were our own community, leaving no question unanswered. The Body Corporate Collective is fully conversant with legislative requirements and can greatly assist in the smooth operation and performance of your Owners Corporation in Melbourne, South Melbourne or even West Melbourne.

What Owners Corporation Management can do for you

Owners Corporation Management companies are engaged to maintain a body corporate, also known as an strata management, which is made up of the owners in a subdivision or property development that include common areas. For example if you are an owner in a block of apartments in South/ West Melbourne who share elevators and a pool, or an owner in a set of units who share gardens and a driveway, then you can benefit from a body corporate manager and their services.

Common areas/ property is the responsibility of all owners, but it takes significant time & work to manage everything, including following legislation, insurance, property maintenance, organising meetings, record keeping and much more. This is where you can benefit from owners corporation management.

We understand that your property is unique. We listen to your needs and tailor our services to your requirements.

We manage properties across all of Melbourne

The Body Corporate Collective provides consistent & trustworthy strata management services for your owners corporation. We will work with you to achieve a smoothly run body corporate, utilising our professional experience, knowledge and commitment to you.

We manage properties in South Melbourne and across all of Melbourne. So, some of the suburbs we have properties currently are:

If you suburb isn't here do not worry, we service all of Melbourne and would love to add yours to our list.

Strata Manager or Property Manager?

Property managers and strata managers have distinct roles and responsibilities within the realm of property management. While property managers primarily oversee individual rental properties, strata managers specialize in managing properties within a strata or complex. Strata managers work closely with the owners' association or strata council to maintain the efficient functioning of the entire property, including shared amenities, common areas, and the resolution of conflicts among residents.

Learn more about the Strata Managament services we manage for Melbourne home-owners, or simply request a quote and we will get in touch as soon as we can.