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The Body Corporate Collective is licensed by the Business Licensing Authority, registered number 855.
The Body Corporate Collective is a member of SCA (Strata Community Australia)
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Strata Management Prahan

The Body Corporate Collective recognizes that managing a body corporate property can be a challenging and overwhelming task. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering our clients the most dependable, supportive, and expert strata management services possible.

The Body Corporate Collective has a team of experts who are committed to delivering exceptional service customized to meet your requirements. With the founder, Austin, being your primary point of contact and his competent team available to assist you, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind regarding all aspects of body corporate management.

What is a Body Corporate?

A Property Owners Corporation, or strata management, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a property, and a body corporate manager is a specialist in this field who can assist with all your body corporate needs. From financial planning to preventative maintenance strategies, they provide invaluable advice and support to help maintain the value of your communal land.

At Body Corporate Collective, we are experts in strata management. We prioritize this area of expertise and know how to stay on top of all the necessary paperwork and ensure internal processes run smoothly. We handle tasks such as resolving disputes between occupiers or members, managing finances effectively and efficiently, and coordinating property maintenance.

Why do I need Owners Corporation Management?

If you own a property with common areas, you may already understand the importance of having a reliable body corporate management system in place. Shared facilities such as pools, gardens, parking lots, and hallways come with specific responsibilities, and having proper management is essential for ensuring the safety of everyone involved and compliance with legal regulations. At Body Corporate Collective Preston, we take care of all these tasks and more, offering an efficient and professional service to ensure that your property runs smoothly.

What can Body Corporate Collective do for you?

Body Corporate Collective offers expert and exceptional services to manage the challenging and time-consuming responsibilities that come with owning strata properties. We aim to take the stress out of property ownership for our clients.

Some of the services Body Corporate Collective can provide Prahan home owners include:

  • Provide easy to read levy notices with convenient payment options.
  • Provide accurate record keeping and document management using industry preferred, strata specific software.
  • Obtaining quotations and renewal recommendations of annual Owners Corporation insurance policies.
  • Maintain accurate Owners Corporation Registers at all times.
  • Prepare annual budget reports.
  • Assist with and process Owners Corporation insurance claims.
  • Use of a cloud-based task management system to ensure all requests are captured and actioned in a timely manner.
  • Thorough and transparent consultation process with the committee or owners regarding appointment of contractors.
  • Engaging cleaners, gardeners, common property plumbing, electrical and general maintenance works. We do not charge fees to obtain quotes for maintenance or repair works.
  • Assist with debt recovery via the implementation of a 3-step system of communication with the debtor which includes: reminder notice, final notice, debt process initiation.

Property Manager or Strata Manager?

Property managers and strata managers have unique roles and responsibilities in the field of property management. Property managers primarily oversee individual rental properties, while strata managers specialize in managing properties within a strata or complex. Strata managers work closely with the owners' association or strata council to ensure the efficient functioning of the entire property, including shared amenities, common areas, and the resolution of conflicts among residents.

Find out more about the services we manage for Melbourne home-owners, or simply request a quote and we will contact you shortly.